Melissa's Success Story


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Melissa Williams has had her own journey in finding an answer to her weight problems. She has tried many diets in her life, and though she had small successes, they quickly faded, and she continued to struggle with her weight. Married and a mom of two, she didn’t think her weight was causing health problems, but was more concerned with her appearance. Little did she know that she was headed for real trouble.

When her kids reached their teenage years, Melissa had a serious heart complication. At her highest weight of 380 lbs., her initial team of physicians were reluctant to operate. A cardiologist did agree to the surgery with the condition that Melissa would lose weight and keep it off after the surgery was completed, however there wasn’t time to wait for her to lose the weight before scheduling surgery. Melissa agreed to the cardiologist’s conditions, and the surgery was a success. While in the hospital, she dropped 90 lbs. between the fluid and diet of hospital food, but at 290 lbs. she still wasn’t at the agreed upon amount of weight lost. Now it was time for her to begin working on her part of the bargain.

Her initial attempt at weight loss at home was about as successful as all the prior attempts. Frustrated and feeling hopeless, she asked her doctor for bariatric surgery to help with the process of weight loss. Her cardiologist had a different idea. He insisted she begin Ideal Protein. He again offered her a bargain: do Ideal Protein at home with a commitment to the program; if that didn’t work then he wanted to have her on Ideal Protein in an in-patient facility. If being on an in-patient program didn’t work, then they could discuss bariatric surgery. Melissa agreed to 4 months of Ideal Protein at home before a follow-up with the surgeon. In the next 4 months, she lost 80 pounds while following the Ideal Protein Lifestyle. It took a little over a year (13 months) to lose her goal of 135 lbs., and in that time, she learned more about her body and food than she had ever learned before. She ate better and began to feel better than she thought was possible.

Fast forward to seven years later, and Melissa is still learning and teaching the Ideal Protein Lifestyle. She has been coaching for 5 years and offers her clients direct contact to her via cell phone, as well as private Facebook and Instagram posts. She wants you to succeed, like she did, learning how food affects you and how to manage long after you have lost your goal amount of weight and enter maintenance.

Just like Melissa – you can do this – but you must be taught, and you have to start. Give Carr Drugs Compounding and Wellness a call at 504-350-1640 to schedule your appointment.

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