At Carr Drugs, we know having access to your medication and records during a time of emergency is important to you. We have several steps in place in the event that there is an evacuation or emergency that affects our area.

1. All prescription information and pharmacy records are always secure and accessible. All pharmacy records are backed up to an off site server in Shreveport, LA.

    2. In the event of an evacuation, all phone lines are rolled over to Randy Carr’s cell phone (our owner and one of our pharmacists) and he can access all records remotely from wherever he has evacuated to. Any patient or pharmacy will be able to get in touch with one of the owners by dialing any of the Carr Drugs telephone numbers, and prescriptions can be transferred at that time.

      3. If re-entry is not allowed, we will keep our customers and staff updated using social media, and by updating our Carr Drugs website ( We will be monitoring both Carr Drugs email ( and Facebook page and can answer any questions or requests in the event that phone lines or cell service are down.

        4. If you evacuate, we recommend you bring your medication in your prescription bottles with the pharmacy label. If a State Of Emergency is declared for our area, having your prescription bottle with you insures that you can get 1 emergency refill until the alternate pharmacy can contact us or your doctor. We also recommend you ask your doctor for an additional written prescription for maintenance medications that you can keep in your wallet or a safe location.

          Additional considerations during Hurricane season:

          • Refill your medication on time so you always have an adequate supply. Carr Drugs has AutoFill available at both locations that automatically refills your prescription.

          • Keep a copy of your prescription profile with your important papers that you can take with you. Carr Drugs can print your profile at any time.

          • Always keep your prescription bottles with the pharmacy label to take with you in the case of an evacuation.