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New Orleans has a rich history filled with stories about pharmacies from our past. Those original pharmacists created all the medications from pure powders or liquids, mixing them carefully, using a very precise formula to get a prescription that was customized for each patient. They could make that prescription in any strength or flavor, depending on the needs of the patient and the type of the medicine that they were using. Many pharmacies displayed their most successful liquid formulas in beautiful glass decanters on their counters. These ranged from cough and cold remedies, to vitamin elixirs, to any other item that the pharmacist was particularly proud of. Then came the dawn of automation and assembly lines. Medicine wasn’t made by the pharmacist for just one patient anymore. Big companies began producing larger quantities of popular brands in the most popular strengths and sizes. Doctors and patients became used to adapting to this new system and the world of pharmacy changed -- but not for everyone.

At Carr Drugs in Algiers we still compound customized prescriptions according to doctor’s orders for individual patients. Why do some patient’s need compounded medications? Sometimes a prescription does not come in the right strength for a patient. Sometimes a prescription is difficult to swallow and can be made into a liquid or a cream that absorbs into the skin. Sometimes a prescription is unavailable because a manufacturer has decided to stop making that item. Sometimes a prescription is intended for people and needs to be changed for an animal to use it. Sometimes a prescription could use a little help with some flavoring. There are many reasons for compounding medications.

If you have any questions about compounding, call (504)367-5724 or stop by our Algiers location and ask one of our compounding staff members for more information.